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Mary Llewelyn Davies and Theodora Calvert


Maurice’s two daughters, Mary (known to the family as ‘Min’) and Theodora (usually called ‘TC’), inherited Broad How on his death. As previously mentioned, TC was widowed in 1933 after four years of marriage, when her husband Roy Calvert died of an infection following what should have been a routine surgical procedure. After Roy’s death, TC, with her two-year old daughter Mary and baby Jane, moved back in with her father, Maurice, and her unmarried sister Min. TC and Min continued to live together after Maurice’s death and brought up the two little girls together.



In April 1939, shortly after Maurice died, another girl joined the family. Juditha Viola Laszlo  was a Jewish girl from Czechoslovakia who came as a refugee via the Kindertransport, just before her sixth birthday. For more details of the Kindertransport see  Juditha was originally known as ‘Juci’ but she later anglicised her name to ‘Judith’. 

Theodora Calvert [nee Llewelyn Davies] known as 'TC'.  

Owner of Broad How from 1939 to 1988

Mary Llewelyn Davies ['Min'], who owned the house jointly with her younger sister TC from 1939 until her death in 1976.

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