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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the maximum number the house will sleep?

The maximum number we generally allow is 16.  There are 14 permanent bedspaces, arranged as follows:

Arnison = twin; Helvellyn View = single; Mill Moss = twin with double full-size bunks; Goldrill = single; Fairfield = double; Kirkstone = twin; Silver Bay = double.


To add to these, we have 2 single folding beds and 2 cots. And in addition, we also have a double sofa-bed in the lower sitting room. Most of the bedrooms can accommodate at least one folding bed. Some could accommodate both of them. So, there is quite a lot of flexibility and no reason why anyone should have to share with anyone that they don't want to! There is a plan of the bedrooms on the Explore Broad How page, and it can also be downloaded from the Downloads page



Is there any mobile phone reception?

Some  networks now work at the house, including Vodaphone, and several companies that use that network.   A brisk walk up Place Fell will get you contact with most other networks, or a drive down the lake.  Phone calls to UK landlines are available free from the house phone.  However, now that full fibre has reached the valley, the internet is extremely fast, and so calling over Zoom WhatsApp, Facetime etc, or making intenet phone calls is the simpler [and free] option.

Are there any good local caterers?

Yes. We have used, and been extremely impressed with, Lucy’s of Ambleside in the past.  


Can we bring a dog?

We welcome dogs, but to reflect the extra cleaning requirements we make a small charge, and also set a maximum of 2.  We would of course ask dog-owners to respect the house, and as detailed in the terms and conditions, any damage caused by dogs will need to be paid for.


Can we pre-order food?

Many guests choose to do this, and it is certainly possible to order online from Asda and Sainsburys.  Please make sure you arrange delivery for after your arrival, i.e. after 4.00 pm.  

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