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The Old Wash House

Converted in 2012, the beautiful stone out-house that had most recently been the 'pram shed' and coal and wood storage, is now the wash-house, with two large Hotpoint Washing machines, and a Tumble Dryer, as well as a large sink and other equipment for washing and cleaning.  Clothes can also be dried on the large airer in the downstairs walk-in shower room, or of course on the outdoor lines in the garden for most of the year. The Old Wash House also contains a large Bosch Fridge-Freezer, in case your party's supplies outstrip the fridge and freezer in the kitchen.

The wash house is built into the hillside, and behind it is the new oil tank for the central heating.  The heating of Broad How is a very regular source of discussion with the family - for several years we have been working on lessening the carbon footprint of the house, but this has had to begin with work on the insulation of the old building, which is systematically happening, beginning with the addition of sheep's wool loft insulation and the switch to smokeless fuel [already in place] and the ongoing replacement of single-glazed windows.  The costs of this programme are high and so the process is expected to take several years in total.  The hope is that the technology to heat the old house to its current level of comfort while having much less impact on the environment will be available to us soon.

Broad How 2018-136.jpg
Broad How 2018-135.jpg
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