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Information for Visitors to Broad How

When you have made a booking - this section of the website will help you plan for your visit, and deal with any questions during your stay

Broad How is owned by Jane Wynne-Willson, whose grandfather bought the house in 1920.  Jane now lives in Birmingham, as does her daughter Ruth, who administers the holiday rentals.  Ruth can be contacted with any questions in advance of your visit, and indeed during or afterwards, if they are questions that can be dealt with by phone or email.  The caretaker is James Sowerby, who lives in the village.  James is available to help with any practical problems that may arise during your stay. 

For most practical issues, you will find all  the information you need within the 'Guide to Broad How' which is kept on the sideboard in the Entrance Hall.  [You can also read or download the whole book as a pdf file here, to help you plan your visit in advance] This comprehensive guide is constantly revised to cover the changing machinery and facilities of the house, as well as in response to the suggestions of visitors.  In addition there are always many ideas for other activities, recommendations of places to go, etc, written by other visitors in the 'Visitor's Book', kept in the same place.  We hope you too will feel able to add to this with any of your experiences that feel worth sharing.  You can also put comments on the Broad How Facebook page, or X (formerly Twitter) feed, and get in touch with other visitors in this way.  If there are specific suggestions you wish to make to us, or there have been breakages, there is a separate book to use for these.


The change-over day at Broad How is Friday.  This makes it possible to mix weekend short breaks and full-week bookings, and also means that Wedding parties, or any groups having any kind of weekend event, can arrive in time to set everything up for a Saturday.  Departing visitors need to leave by 10.00 am, so that the housekeeping team can clean in time for the next visitors after 4.00.  Ruth will send you all the information you need about arrival and departure.

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