Small Sitting Room

The small sitting room adjoins the kitchen, and has always been known in the family as the Music Room.  For many years there was a pianola in here, which played paper rolls, but these days it has been superseded by the Yamaha Disklavier, which as well as being a very good piano, also has the ability to 'play by itself'.  Using floppy disks [which themselves have now gone the way of paper music rolls!] it will record and play back, and there are also a small number of commercial discs with which you can amaze your friends by playing without touching the keys.


The room also contains most of the the collection of sheet music and children's books, as well as a 42" TV, with a Playstation 3,  two controllers and a selection of games.  This will also play Blu-Rays and DVDs - any problems with that, ask a passing ten-year old and they will explain!

The piano that plays itself....