Booking System

Broad How is a family home, and we have always run it as a family, so the booking process does still involve direct contact with a human being!  Although you should be able to get most of the information you might need from this site, and elsewhere online, you will need to contact Cara Donald to make a booking.  But there is a 3-step process to keep it as simple as we can....

Click here to go to the availability calendar, and see which weeks are booked and which are available.  Price lists can also be downloaded from the downloads page of this website.

Please note, we cannot guarantee that the information on the website is completely up to date, so please check with Grace before making a booking. If you want to check availability more than a year away, contact Grace (see Step 2).  

Step 2 - Contact Grace

Use the form below, or email Once you have given Grace your dates, she will make a provisional booking and send a booking form to you. 

Step 3 - Send the Booking Form

Once Grace has sent you the booking form, she will hold your dates for 2 weeks to give you time to complete and return it (by post or electronically) and to pay the deposit. So to confirm the booking you need to send us your completed booking form & pay the deposit within those two weeks.


The deposit (25% of the total) can be paid either by cheque or direct bank transfer.  Then you can visit the rest of this site to make your plans, and start looking forward to your holiday.

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