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The History of Broad How

This history of Broad How is a long term project, and this section of the website is a work in progress. Broad How was built in the mid 1830s. This account of what we know of the history of the house and surrounding land has been put together from a range of sources, which we have tried to acknowledge, including interviews with friends and family members. Much of the information about Broad How before it came into our family in the 1920s is based on research carried out by local amateur historian Warren Allison.  The history pages have been researched and edited by Ruth Wilson. Click on each image to view the page.

1806-34:The Wordsworth Connection

1834-6: William Wilson - Cumberland wrestler


1836-73: Elizabeth Wilson - farmer and land proprietor


1873-81: Martindale and Thornbarrow families


1890-1920:Greenside Mine


1920-39: Maurice Llewelyn Davies

1930s continued: Mary Llewelyn Davies and Theodora Calvert


1939-45: Wartime - memories


Late 1940s and 1950s

Tom 1964.jpg

1960s Family holidays

1939-45: Wartime - people

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