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10 Reasons to recommend Broad How to others:

1 - It is on land chosen by William Wordsworth himself as the perfect place to build a house.


2 - It is in the village described by none other than Alfred Wainwright as the basis of his vision of heaven.


3 - It is more than 180 years old but has all the comforts of the twenty-first century.


4 - Hundreds of people have stayed at and enjoyed the house, including in their times Sir Henry Irving, Meera Syal and Ben Elton.


5  - It has a rare 'spinning window' right above the main fireplace, with chimney flues either side, and a raging real fire to keep you cosy if the Lakeland weather bites.


6  -  It is in the perfect location for fell-walkers, and coast-to-coasters, and busy active families needing plenty to do.


7 - It is in the perfect location for people needing total peace and quiet, and wanting to do nothing.


8 - It has two pianos, one of which plays itself, and a big library of sheet music.  


9  - It has two bidets, a slate-tiled walk-in shower,and the best bath, with the most eccentric plughole, in the whole of Lakeland and probably beyond.


and the other reason to recommend Broad How [although you will definitely know many more by now]  is the mystery gift we will send you if someone makes a first booking at Broad How, and mentions your name. So please, spread the word, and lets get more and more people to enjoy this beautiful place.

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